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The negative aspects of bankruptcy have been well chronicled. Yes, the individual will suffer damage to their credit score. Yes, they may lose some assets. And yes, they might have difficulty getting credit in the immediate future. However, none of those issues are permanent. In fact, filing bankruptcy might be the only way an individual can overcome debt issues and get back on their feet.

Dealing with Debt Problems

In day-to-day life, there are very few things that are more stressful than dealing with accumulating debt issues. The stress associated with the constant battle with creditors and the checkbook can be debilitating. It’s for that very reason that the US court system provides people with a way out, bankruptcy.

Everyone is entitled to some quality of life. Yes, some people get themselves into financial trouble through their careless actions. Still, there’s a large group of people who find themselves under a mountain of debt through no fault of their own. It’s hard to find a Visalia Bankruptcy Lawyer who doesn’t believe people deserve a second chance.

Is Bankruptcy a Good Investment?

As any good Visalia Bankruptcy Attorney will explain, everyone’s circumstances are different. However, there are many people who can reap enough benefits from bankruptcy to make it a worthwhile investment of both time and money.

As the attached chart indicates, there were just over 1,000,000 pending bankruptcy cases in the US court system at the end of 2018. A good many of them were for individuals. The point is no one is alone in this endeavor. If you are overwhelmed by your debt and cannot find another way out, it might be time to contact a good Visalia bankruptcy lawyer from our Labiak Law Group.

We would likely point out that the benefits of bankruptcy include giving you an opportunity to start your financial life over. At the least, Chapter 13 will give you time to pay your debts at a reduced amount. With Chapter 7, your debts could be completely discharged, giving you a clean slate. Either way, you can remove stress from your life.

In time, you can fix your credit score. By eliminating payments on unsecured debt, you can improve your cash flow. That might help you be able to create savings, maintain your house payments and keep your home. These are all things that a Tulare County Bankruptcy Attorney or Visalia Bankruptcy Attorney from our Labiak Law Group can help you do. The benefits should be clear. Time becomes your friend and eventually, you can get back to a state of solvency.

At the Labiak Law Group, we specialize in helping people retain a better quality of life without debt problems. If you need a Tulare County Bankruptcy Attorney to help get you through the bankruptcy process, contact us today. Through our care and attention to details, we will do all we can to help you. Through the years, we have had great success with getting clients successfully through bankruptcy proceedings. 

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